• Passport Requirements

    What type of passport you should apply for

    New Passport

    You are considered a first-time applicant if you answer "YES" to any of the following questions.

    • Are you applying for U.S.passport for the first time?
    • Was your previous U.S. passport issued over 15 years ago?
    • ​Was your last U.S. passport issued before you were 16 and you are now 16?

    Child Passport

    All children under the age of 16 must follow instructions for a Child Passport, including any of the following.

    • Child applying for a U.S. Passport for the first Time.
    • Child whose previous U.S. Passport has expired
    • Child whose previous U.S. Passport has been lost or stolen.
    • Child whose name has been changed through court order from the time U.S. Passport was issued.

    Passport Renewal

    You can apply for a U.S Passport renewal if your passport has expired less than 5 years ago and was issued when you were 16 or older.

    Lost or Stolen Passport

    For applicants ages 16 and over, follow this process if you are unable to submit the most recent passport that was issued to you because it has been lost or stolen, or if your most recent passport has been damaged. Follow this process even if your lost, stolen, or damaged passport has expired

    Name Change Passport

    U.S. Passport Name Changes require a certified copy of marriage certificate or a court order from the issuing authority and it must have the seal of that authority that issued the name change.

    Add Passport Pages

    If you travel Frequently, you may add additional pages to your valid U.S. Passport if you can meet the requirements.

    • You have less than 2 to 4 blank pages remaining in your U.S. Passport book.
    • Your U.S.Passport book is Valid.
    • You can submit your passport book to add the additional pages.

    Duplicate Passport

    You must provide your U.S.Passport and a request letter stating why you need a 2nd Passport.


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Terms of Service: Applies to all expedited passport orders 

Prompt Passport Service Corporation

In order to qualify for expedited passport service, applicant's must have proof of international travel within 14 days (or 28 days if a visa is required). These terms are also accepted when placing an order per the online order form(s). Proof of international travel is required by the U.S. Department of State for expedited passport services. Prompt Passport Service is bound by the rules set forth by the U.S. Department of State.

Refund Requests:

Refunds for Service Fees may be provided under certain extenuating circumstances. If your trip has been canceled due to illness or cancellation by the airlines, cruise ship carrier, country of destination embroiled in civil unrest, then you can contact Prompt Passport Service Corporation at 215-397-1135 within 24-hours of our receipt of your paperwork. Prompt Passport Service Corporation Refund Unit receives your request your refund will be issued directly to your credit card carrier minus the nonrefundable $35.00 earned mandatory handling and return service fee. You will receive a refund of the total service fee paid, minus the nonrefundable $35.00 mandatory handling and return service fee.

Refunds for service fees after 72 hours: At Prompt Passport Service Corporation we operate under a very stringent schedule and MUST process all orders within 48 hours. Once your service has been reserved by sending in your completed paperwork. You will not be eligible for a refund.

Refunds for Same Day Service, 24 Hour Service, Next Day Service: If you cancel within 24 hours of placing your order, you may request a refund of your purchase subject to the $65.00 nonrefundable mandatory handling and return service fee for Same Day Service, 24 Hour Service, or Next Day Service. 

Shipping of an Emergency 24 Hour Passport Request:

If you have ordered an EMERGENCY passport through Prompt Passport Service Corporation for 24-hour processing or a 'Same Day passport' then it is understood that your completed paperwork MUST arrive the day before and will be processed the next business day. Any EMERGENCY order is the client's responsibility to inform Prompt Passport Service Corporation by telephone of the urgency of the passport request and we must be called and notified of any FIRST OVERNIGHT PACKAGE expected to be delivered to Prompt Passport Service Corporation To reiterate. All emergency passport requests MUST call 215-397-1135. Prompt Passport Service Corporation cannot guarantee or be responsible for any third party shipping providers such as FedEx, UPS, or the USPS.

 Prompt Passport Service Corporation Shipping Policy: Inbound and Outbound
Force majeure clause: Prompt Passport Service Corporation cannot accept any responsibility for delays due to force majeure or 'acts of God' or any naturally occurring weather-related disruptions of service, or loss of documents not within our control being delivered by such services as “other” private couriers, FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS delivery services. Prompt Passport Service Corporation may utilize shipping services in order to overnight deliver your documents directly to our couriers for hand-carry delivery to the U.S. Department of State Passport Agency. Additionally, if FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS or other commercial services deliver shipments to our office late, we will make all good faith efforts to keep our normal schedule but Prompt Passport Service Corporation may not be able to submit documents until the following business day which may cause documents to be delayed and may not be returned in time for the client's departure. Prompt Passport Service Corporation cannot be responsible for delays for this or any other reason. Shipping changes requested by the client while a passport is in processing may pose as a potential delay on the delivery of your passport. We will attempt to fix any errors made by Prompt Passport Service Corporation on a client's shipping package as quickly as possible but cannot guarantee the shipping companies immediate resolution. Prompt Passport Service Corporation will only be liable for the service fee we are paid. The service fee that you have paid to Prompt Passport Service Corporation is the total extent of our liability regardless of the reason that your passport/visa could not be issued, or issued in a timely manner. i Prompt Passport Service Corporation is permitted to submit a limited number of passport applications for same-day service, for example; Prompt Passport Service Corporation can submit applications to the US Department of State in the morning and pick up on the same afternoon. Prompt Passport Service Corporation clients requesting and paying for same-day service must pay in advance and such payments are non-refundable. One of the limited number of same-day passport processing positions will be held for your transaction and therefore cannot be used for another client's transaction

Passport Rejections from the Passport Agency:
 Prompt Passport Service Corporation will make every attempt to secure your passport on time as a registered courier service with the passport agency. If your passport application is suspended or rejected from the passport agency we will resubmit the required documents at no additional cost to the client. The passport will then go back in for processing but will delay your initial passport service and be resubmitted for the processing time selected. In other words, if your passport is rejected it will take double the time to process with the passport agency. All service fees are earned and no refunds will be issued for any suspense case or denial for child support issues.